Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hi folks it's been a while but we have good news. There is another Hedge in the oven so I'm afraid the blog took a back seat as I spent most of the first trimester with what is rather inappropriately named morning sickness. Good news is that seems to be over now so you can look out for regular postings again.
With another on the way there is even more pressure on our one income, but we've managed this far and intend to keep going. I would however like to take this opportunity to thank friends and family for their support.

Anyway, that's the Oscar speech over so let's get down to business - the business of spring cleaning that is.
Have you got the bug yet? I have to admit my motivation has been somewhat delayed this year, you see for me celebrating springs arrival requires the arrival of spring. However, as the last few days have been glorious I am feeling more awake so the time seems right to get started (or maybe that's just the baby hormones kicking in).

Here is a recipe for an all-purpose cleaning spray that is incredibly cheap once you do the initial stock up of ingredients, and natural, so perfect for those with little ones (or ones on the way). I have an old spray bottle that I keep this in. Please do remember to label your bottles and keep them out or reach of little hands - natural does not mean safe for consumption.

All-purpose cleaner

2tbsp white vinegar
2tsp laundry borax
2 teacups water
3 drops lavender oil
3 drops tea tree oil

I have been leaving out the tea tree recently as I am not sure about it's contraindications with pregnancy, but the lavender oil and borax are both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so it should work fine without it. I also think it smells better.

The person who gave me this recipe also gave me the following great tip too:
If you lose a small item and need to find it, stick an old pair of tights over the nozzle of your hoover and have a good 'sook'. The item will be caught by the vacuum, but not lost as it will stick to the tights. Genius.

And last but not least here's a link to a great site with great ideas for upcycling and mending
This link explains how to clean your microwave easily and naturally by 'cooking' for 3-5 min a mug of water and lemons (or lemon juice). The steam generated softens any food 'explosions', allowing you to easily wipe it away.

So there you have it, my tips for a cheap green clean. I'm hoping that writing this post will inspire me to get started in the kitchen... Good luck!

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